Easter Week At Calvary Napa

Join Us As We Re-Trace The Steps Of Jesus

Join us Easter Week at Calvary Napa. Starting with Luke 18, we will re-trace the steps of Jesus from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday. 10:15 am

Luke 18, 19. Pastor Rob Rainey

Wednesday, 6:30 pm

Luke 20, 21. Pastor Bill Walden

Good Friday, dinner available between 5:30-7pm Service starts at 7pm

Luke 22, 23. Pastor Rob Rainey. Worship with Joe Ellison

Easter Sunday, 10:15 am

Luke 24. Pastor Rob Rainey. Worship with Miranda and Allen Rigg, with support from Joe Ellison & Run With Patience.

Miranda & Allen Rigg

Joe Ellison & Run With Patience